Rural Texas Facility Leverages Integrated Services to Improve Care Quality and Efficiency

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Envision Physician Services

Lacking a standardized workflow, the emergency department at a rural Texas hospital suffered significant front-end bottlenecks that led to subpar performance from the E.D. visit to inpatient discharge.

These patient experience and care quality key indicators included high door-to-provider, left without being seen, and length-of-stay metrics. This hospital partnered with Envision Physician Services to improve these metrics and enhance the patient experience.

See how Envision helped them reach their goals by implementing integrated emergency and hospital medicine services.

eGuide: The ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of Virtual Reality Clinical Training

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Health Scholars

VR reduced the number of educators/proctors needed to run a successful simulation by 75%.1

VR training allows teams to mimic and engage in real-to-life emergency resuscitation situations they may experience. VR offers on-demand experience-based training and assessment to any size population. It not only increases the frequency of training; it’s also directly correlated with:

  • Improving provider safety and wellness
  • Reduce turnover
  • Increased core competencies

Download this eGuide now and explore taking creative approaches to your day-to-day operations, provider readiness, and mandated training meeting today’s current needs and budgets!


Reimagine Organizational Structure, Culture, and the Health of Your People

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Hospitals and health systems need the flexibility to examine and reassess their organizational culture, build resilience, and remain hyper-vigilant in keeping staff healthy and safe. This best practice guide outlines ways for hospitals and health systems to adapt their culture to ensure the job satisfaction, wellness and empowerment of their people.

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2021 State of the Patient Financial Experience Report

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Findings from over 3,000 patients and nearly 50 healthcare providers reveal what it will take to get patients re-engaged and back in for care.

Download the 2021 Patient Financial Experience report to learn what hurdles lie ahead on the road to financial recovery from COVID-19. Plus, discover how patient expectations have changed since the pandemic began just over a year ago.

The report will reveal:

  • The #1 source of patient confusion
  • How to prevent 80% of patients from deferring care
  • Which digital investments give your health system a competitive advantage

Mobile Health Emerges From Pandemic as a Transformative Technology in Healthcare

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Virtual rounding. Mobile first. Two concepts that were a rarity before the COVID-19 pandemic. These core concepts allow healthcare staff and their patients to adjust to a new normal, where neither are tethered to a traditional personal computer to communicate, to enter information, or to retrieve it. But along with this newfound freedom and flexibility come increased concerns about the security and privacy of the information being entered and retrieved.

In this report, hear from Harun Rashid, vice president and chief information officer at Akron Children's Hospital and Zafar Chaudry, senior vice president and chief information officer of Seattle Children's Hospital about some of the benefits and challenges of an increased reliance on mobile technology. Additionally, Wes Wright, chief technology officer of Imprivata, provides key insight in an exclusive interview surrounding mobile technology and its new balancing act between usability and security when communicating with patients.

The Path Forward: Five Opportunities to Transform Your Revenue Cycle and Build a Pathway for Long-Term Financial Success

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Economic pressures from COVID-19 have weighed heavily on health systems, physician organizations, and consumers alike. With hundreds of thousands of individuals losing jobs and employer-sponsored health insurance, along with the significant financial hit providers have experienced since the start of the pandemic, the healthcare industry—which was already challenged with paper-thin margins—is facing even greater downward pressure on revenues.

A new guide from HBCS explores these challenges health systems and physician organizations now face and provides five ways to ensure a successful path forward.

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