MIPS: Recommendations for Physicians

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Traditional MIPS plans will conclude in 2023. In the past few years, due to extensions, exclusions, and other factors that might have meant you weren't too concerned with the extensive details of the MIPS program, the results might not have had a significant impact on your practice.

Are you prepared to avoid penalties?

Here's what you need to know to act now to prepare and prevent penalties.

Creating the Ideal Patient Billing and Payment Journey

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Three ways providers are eliminating complexities to boost margins and make positive impressions

During a recent panel discussion during the HealthLeaders Revenue Cycle NOW Summit, industry experts Tonie Bayman, Director of Revenue Recovery, at Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, and Misty Grambow, Vice President of Healthcare and Non-Profit Solutions, at U.S. Bank/Elavon, sat down with our Revenue Cycle Editor Amanda Norris to talk all things billing and the patient experience.

This report discusses analysis on cleaner billing and payment processes, advanced patient education, next-level digital engagement and payment portals, and the future of the patient billing experience.

To learn more about what they had to say, download our latest Recap Report today!

A simple guide to AI, predictive analytics + automation in healthcare

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Today, automation in healthcare drives the whole rev cycle, from auto-generating patient estimates to auto-posting payments. But one thing prevents leaders from harnessing the power of automation in healthcare: terminology.

Did you know that 60% of CFOs and rev cycle leaders mistakenly think RPA is a form of AI? Mistakes like that are easy to make, especially when you need to decide now which types of automation in healthcare will move the needle for your organization.

Unlock AI, analytics + automation in healthcare

In our easy-to-grasp guide to tech terms, we break down artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analytics, and automation. Then we tell you exactly where you can use each in your own rev cycle.

What’s inside:

1) Simple definitions of AI, predictive analytics + automation in healthcare

2) Clear explanations of machine learning, robotic process automation (RPA) + data mining

3) A breakdown of exactly which part of your rev cycle you can automate with which technology

Patients as the New Payer

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Four Ways to Protect Your Bottom Line and Improve Your Patient Collections

Provider practices are facing increasingly difficult patient collections and the pandemic hasn't helped.

Historically, revenue cycle processes were designed around the payer-provider relationship, focusing on payer reimbursement. Collecting from patients was more of an afterthought with patient statements going out weeks or months later.

That reimbursement model is no longer effective in today's reality.

Download this whitepaper to discover four ways to protect your bottom line and improve your patient collections.

Post-Pandemic Considerations for Physician Practices

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When COVID-19 began, many physician groups adjusted corporate documents and practice patterns without having qualified administrative support. 

In this resource,  learn how you can navigate changes and your business in a post-pandemic environment.

Improving Capacity and Revenue through Effective Room Management

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New Porter Research study of 100 health system executive leaders finds lack of visibility into exam room utilization, leading to significant revenue loss.

Access the whitepaper, Improving Capacity and Revenue through Effective Room Management, to see why 70% of executives surveyed are looking to implement room scheduling and management solutions.