A Simple Guide to Designing Word-Class Healthcare Employee Experience Program

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Your employees have changed. From the way they work, to what they expect from their managers, everything about the relationship people have with your organization is different.

Employees are renegotiating the terms of their relationship with work and want their high expectations met or even exceeded - or they'll leave.

How you measure success in your employee experience must change. The next era of success starts with employee experience. Download this resource to get the framework for building a successful organization going forward.


How 4 Leaders are Boldly Rethinking the Patient Experience

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The healthcare industry knows it must focus on improving patient experiences, as a means of not only realizing better patient outcomes but also better business results.

There's much more to improving patient experiences than good patient satisfaction survey results. Creating a culture that values the patient experience and uses data to drive decisions is critical. But to drive a strong patient experience culture, you must be willing to make bold moves. Think outside the box. And have the courage to lead your organization through change.

Hear from four patient experience leaders who are championing the charge to elevate the patient experience at their organizations and empower care teams to deliver the best possible experience to patients every day.

RCM Leaders Share Top Concerns

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Omega Healthcare

To find out which areas revenue cycle leaders are focusing on over the next 12 months, Omega Healthcare partnered with Eliciting Insights to conduct a survey of 125 hospital revenue cycle leaders from across the country.

Download this paper to identify: 

  • The top challenges cited by surveyed revenue cycle leaders 
  • Revenue cycle processes that RCM leaders currently outsource or are planning to outsource over the next 12-18 months
  • How to identify processes for outsourcing and what to look for when choosing an outsourcing partner

Streamlined UM: How new tech is driving efficiency + cost savings at major health systems

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As health systems confront inflation and labor shortages, efficient and accurate utilization management processes are paramount. In this on-demand webinar, you’ll see a case-based demo and learn how some prominent health systems are using the InterQual® AutoReview technology to streamline their UM processes.

You'll hear:

  • How artificial intelligence applied to EHR data can create and populate medical reviews
  • The ways hospitals nationwide are leveraging medical review automation to gain much-needed efficiencies
  • Lessons learned from UM transformation journeys of early adopters

Outpatient Workflow Design Trends

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We live in a world of instant access and gratification. For healthcare, that means patients are demanding timelier care. 

In particular, self-rooming, a new way to bypass the waiting room, has gained popularity in 86% of patients. But outpatient clinics struggle to optimize their workflow for this patient-centric approach. They don’t have the staff, space or resources to keep up with demand.

Fortunately, advanced technology, greater connectivity and the push to create a more patient-centered experience have created a myriad of valuable data that is fueling workflow designs and the evolution of care delivery.

This white paper, Workflow Design Trends: Transformations Fueled by Technology, highlights workflow trends that use real-time locating system (RTLS) technology to impact the health of your organization. 

From self-rooming to dynamic room assignments, these emerging workflow approaches are gaining traction in ambulatory care and redefining how care teams work—turning them into highly efficient and patient-centric care areas.


Advancing The Revenue Cycle Through Technology

When budgets are tight, leaders need to be strategic when investing in technology. Because cost efficiency is so important, healthcare systems and hospitals alike need to get a lot of bang for their buck when considering technology - ROI is always key.

Nicole Clawson, VP of Finance and Revenue Cycle at Pennsylvania Mountains Healthcare Alliance (PMHA), feels these same pressures at her health system - a collaborative network of independent community hospitals located primarily in Western and Central Pennsylvania.

Read the exclusive HealthLeaders Revenue Cycle Technology Week eBook to hear Clawson detail the health system's quest to secure more revenue, reduce denials, and support better outcomes.