Patient Payments: Best Practices for a Changing Landscape

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Today, patients’ out-of-pocket responsibility is determining a larger percentage of provider revenue than ever before. And with reimbursement challenges growing, healthcare organizations are facing new realities about how to maximize profitability in a changing landscape.

The takeaway? There has never been a more important time to prioritize patient payments.

This whitepaper outlines the best practices and strategies to improve payment processes, increase front-end collections and give patients the modern, convenient financial experience they expect.

Your Third Workforce: The Benefits of Building a Flexible Float Pool

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Your healthcare facility’s core staff is precious, and building out that team takes time. But when you need help right away, you need a flexible go-to addition: a float pool. When you build flexible nursing float pools from a diverse mix of clinicians, you'll be well prepared to staff your facility in a cost-effective manner.

Nurse float pools are economical, sustainable, and invaluable. Here’s how to build a flexible float pool with employees and per-diem clinicians.

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Top 5 Chronic Kidney Disease Questions

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Chronic kidney disease (CKD) affects 37 million people in the US.1 While efforts have been made to prevent or delay disease progression, there’s been very little progress over the last 3 decades.

Primary care physicians (PCPs) are on the front lines of CKD management, and a recent study outlining their perceptions of barriers and facilitators to the optimal management of CKD has provided additional insight into the challenges they’re facing.

In this whitepaper, learn more about the top 5 questions PCPs ask regarding kidney disease testing along with provided answers reviewed by a team of medical experts

1. Chronic kidney disease in the United States, 2021. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Published March 4, 2021. Accessed January 5, 2022.

The Path to Prior Authorization Automation at Scale

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Payers have required healthcare providers to obtain prior authorizations for some time. But the volume and complexity of this practice has reached an inflection point within the last five years. Patients, providers, and revenue cycle staff recognize that the status quo is unsustainable.

This whitepaper describes how typical approaches to prior authorization fall short and why intelligent automation enables revenue cycle leaders to address this challenge at scale.

Download the whitepaper to learn:

  • The five most common pitfalls to avoid in prior authorization automation
  • What questions to ask of potential automation partners
  • How revenue cycle staff can more successfully obtain prior authorizations the first time and prevent costly back-and-forth

The Definitive Guide to Digital Patient Intake

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Evolving patient expectations have forced health systems to rethink how they digitally engage patients. In 2022, touchless digital registration and intake has emerged as a mission critical priority for providers.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • 6 essential strategies for designing and implementing a digital front door that patients love
  • Common pitfalls that delay development and reduce adoption of patient engagement solutions
  • How using robotic process automation and AI to power digital intake experiences with over 80% pre-visit completion and 97% patient satisfaction
  • And more!

Does Your Budgeting Process Lack Accountability?

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With the proper process, tools, and feedback mechanisms in place, budgeting can be a valuable exercise for organizations and provide a solid framework for holding organizational leaders accountable. Following the same process using the same tools will provide the same results. The process needs to change, and in some cases, the tools need to change. Having a proper monthly variance review process is one of the most critical factors in creating a more efficient and accurate budget. Monthly variance reporting puts parameters around what is to be expected during the upcoming budget entry process.

Download this whitepaper and learn:

  • Various budgeting approaches and the role Finance plays in each
  • How to improve the budgeting process
  • In-depth budget process recommendations