Healthcare's C-Suite Responds to Change: Emerging Roles and Competency Requirements

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AMN Healthcare

Healthcare leadership is evolving as industry transformation influences leadership requirements and rewards those who can drive change.

This evolution is particularly evident at the C-level, including physician executives. Organizations must be adept at responding to these changing demands to optimize their leaders' impact and  effectiveness.

This white paper explores the high-stakes topic of shifting leadership roles, analyzes the drivers of change, assesses relevant leadership trends and outlines new competency requirements.

10 Hurdles to Fast, Accurate Reimbursement

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Change Healthcare

The average denial rate is up 3% since 2016, hitting 12% of claims denied upon initial submission in 2022,¹ and there are 10 common hurdles that each claim must clear to cross the finish line to reimbursement. 

In this eBook, zero in on the two-or-three hurdles that trigger most of the denials for your organization, address the root causes, and watch your denials rate decrease. 

¹The Change Healthcare 2022 Revenue Cycle Denials Index

2023 Physician Billing Report

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AMN Healthcare

Through the tests and treatments they order, the drugs they prescribe, and the range of services they provide, physicians generate bills to third-party payors.

In this report, AMN Healthcare tracks billing to commercial payors generated by 18 types of physicians, as well as by two types of advanced practice professionals: nurse practitioners (NPs) and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs).

The data indicates billing by specialty/practice area at the 25th, 50th,and 75th percentiles, as well as projected average collections per specialty based on a presumed average collection rate of 50%.

6 Growth Trends for Consumer-Centric Health Care

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There is only a brief window of opportunity for providers and health plans to adjust to the rapidly changing market. Those that adapt will remain competitive, but those that don’t risk losing revenue, market share, and relevance.

Download the trends report to explore how health plan leaders can react to new variables with speed and precision, reclaim market relevance and prepare for growth in 6 key areas:

  • Creating momentum with a strategic view
  • Meeting consumers on their terms
  • Taking on new competition
  • Building strategic partnerships
  • Mastering the new indicators of growth
  • Tracking consumer health care spending

Better Financial Health and Improved Operations: A Roadmap for Providers

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Establishing positive operating margins is crucial to ensuring that health systems have the ability to serve patients and communities, attract and retain a skilled workforce, expand lines of service, and preserve capital. With the right practices, health systems can get back to what matters most — providing quality care in their local communities.

Download our first volume for a detailed review of the following strategies to improve cost optimization:

  • Controlling fixed costs
  • Delivering new levels of efficiency
  • Enabling organizational flexibility and agility

Save Money and Staff Smarter

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Travel contracts have proven to be inefficient, inflexible, and fragmented when it comes to staffing shortages in the healthcare industry.

Moving talent around the country is a costly solution, and utilizing travelers has resulted in healthcare facilities paying exorbitant amounts of money for temporary service.

See the solution that provides healthcare facilities access to local, pre-qualified healthcare professionals on-demand, leading to a reduction in labor expenses, improved staffing agility, and the ability to meet the evolving needs of patients.