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Medicare-for-all Revives Healthcare Debate, Could Threaten Providers

By Gregory A. Freeman  
   April 25, 2018

That leaves the Democrats an opening to push the issue to the forefront again and at least keep public interest alive until 2020 when they might have a better chance with a new administration, she says.

The fact that there are numerous Medicare-for-all bills indicates the current state of affairs with healthcare, says CEO John Baackes of L.A. Care Health Plan, which covers more than 2 million Medi-Cal members.

Legislators and consumers alike are still grasping for a way to improve a system that everyone seems to agree is not working in its current iteration.

"It is evident our policymakers are still not of one mind on how to organize and pay for healthcare. To a certain extent, these bills are the result of a growing populist movement and a natural reaction to the Republicans' ACA repeal-and-replace efforts," Baackes says. "One could argue they are gaining momentum, but it should not be assumed it is forward movement."

Baackes says there is not sufficient detail from any proposal to determine the impact they would have on healthcare providers.

"I appreciate the ongoing exchange of ideas to make healthcare accessible to everyone as long as they are accompanied by a responsible plan for funding," he says.    

Gregory A. Freeman is a contributing writer for HealthLeaders.

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