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What Health Plans Need to Know About Millennial Customers

By HealthLeaders Media News  
   November 04, 2016

Data from a social network for physicians reveals that millennials are increasingly likely to challenge doctor recommendations and less likely to build relationships with physicians.

Consumers of all ages are finding fewer physicians to choose from on the health insurance exchanges. And when millennial customers do line up a doctor, they are changing the relationship.

Those are two conclusions from research by Sermo, a social network that bills itself as the "virtual doctors lounge" where physicians speak freely.

Sermo polled its network of U.S. physicians recently and found that 57% of physicians participate in health insurance plans offered in the federal or state exchanges under the Affordable Care Act, down from 61% who reported participating last year ahead of 2016 open enrollment.

The doctors are also talking about how millennials—the young people so eagerly sought by health plans now—are changing the traditional doctor/patient relationship, keeping their distance and working the system to better satisfy their needs.

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Chatter on the network suggests millennials are more likely to challenge doctor recommendations, more comfortable discussing healthcare costs, and less likely to build relationships with physicians.

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