Real Influencers Podcast

Kara Odom Walker: Getting Things Done

April 9, 2021

Episode 5 of The Real Influencers Podcast welcomes Kara Odom Walker, MD, Executive VP and Chief Population Health Officer at Nemours and former Secretary, Delaware Department of Health and Social Services.

What makes her a Real Influencer? 

1.) Dr. Walker is in that all-too-critical and somewhat new role of advancing population health for children from a health system perch.

2.) Through most of 2020, she served as Secretary of Health for the state of Delaware during the worst of the COVID pandemic. 

3.) She's all about doing the work, not just talking about the work. Her goal: “Lifting up at-risk communities in a way that is real.”. 

Join us, as we learn what leaders can do to pave the best path to the future.



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