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Surgeon Uses Video Games to Sharpen Laparoscopic Skills

February 05, 2014

"We found out that if you warm up for a minimum of six minutes with certain video games… you were more efficient and had fewer errors," says Rosser. "With the Institute of Medicine report in 1998, it showed us that almost 100,000 people in country die from medical errors, and 57% of those errors came from surgery. Armed with that, I was able to convince the leadership here at Celebration Health Hospital to establish the first world's first video game warm up suite for surgeons."

The study showed that participants who played video games in excess of three hours a week [PDF] had 37% fewer errors and finished their procedures 27% faster than their counterparts who did not play video games.

Met By Skepticism
It wasn't all sunshine for Rosser's research. When he introduced his video game hypothesis, it was met with strong skepticism.

"Most of these people that are my colleagues aren't as sensitive about pop culture. In fact, they've left pop culture behind in their youth…""So when I suggested that Super Monkey Ball could be part of a training program, they were just taken aback," Rosser says.

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