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Surgeon Uses Video Games to Sharpen Laparoscopic Skills

February 05, 2014

"You've never lived until you've gotten hate mail from both the New York Times and the LA Times at the same time, and it wasn't just my colleagues, it was the general public who villainized video games. But, as the data keeps coming out, and the research that I'm doing keeps coming out, I've been blessed to see people slowly get it."

Conducting studies isn't the only way Rosser is spreading his message. Rosser has written a book on the subject, and hosts the Top Gun Laparoscopic Skills and Suturing Program, [video] which allows surgeons to hone their surgery skills to make them more effective in minimally invasive procedures.

Rosser says that if someone took a picture of him playing video games, and during a laparoscopic procedure, they'd have an identical silhouette. Both require him to look at a screen, utilizing joystick-like levers, and both put a serious expression on Rosser's face.

He may look serious, but the surgeon radiates joy. Along with his love for comic books, video games, and Star Trek, Rosser is also an aviation fan, another avocation that demands a high level of visual and spatial acuity.

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