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Surgeon Uses Video Games to Sharpen Laparoscopic Skills

February 05, 2014

Telemedicine an 'Integral Part of Healthcare Delivery'
Rosser says he hopes that his studies and research on video games can bring along a new age in healthcare, and in telemedicine. The goal would be that the use of technology will help patients become more interactive with their care.

"You see a child who uses a computer and these consoles and they are very sophisticated as far as navigating the digital trees to get to stuff, and it's just going to be a natural thing for them to be able to navigate and to be able to assist in their own healthcare," he said.

"So as far as I'm concerned, we cannot rest until telemedicine is an integral part of healthcare delivery DNA and familiarization with these pop culture icons like video games and their consoles and their navigation techniques is going to pave the way for that to happen."

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