Study: Subbing lower-paid staff for RNs could cause patient deaths
Washington Post | June 15, 2024
Reducing the proportion of nurses by 10 percent could result in nearly 11,000 additional deaths in the hospital studied, researchers...
Revenue Cycle
Finding the Balance: The Delicate Dance Between Automation and Human Touch in the Revenue Cycle
Amanda Norris | June 15, 2024
Hospital leaders are increasingly turning to automation to streamline revenue cycle operations, but should some processes be left behind?
Billionaire Ken Langone, CEO Robert Grossman to retire from NYU Langone roles in 2025
New York Post | June 14, 2024
Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone, the chair of NYU Langone?s board of trustees, and Robert I. Grossman, the CEO of...
Lee Health moves a step closer to private nonprofit conversion
Gulfshore Business | June 14, 2024
Lee Health is one step closer to converting to a private nonprofit business structure following a 9-1 board vote at...
Chicago hospital ER closed to new patients due to sweltering heat inside
CBS News | June 14, 2024
The emergency room at Community First Medical Center in the Portage Park neighborhood was placed on bypass Thursday.
Why regulated industries are turning to military-grade cyber defenses
The Hacker News | June 14, 2024
Industries such as finance, healthcare, and government are subject to strict regulatory standards, governing data privacy, security, and compliance. To...
Nearly all syphilis strains in U.S. resistant to azithromycin
UW Medicine | June 14, 2024
Nearly all isolates of the bacterium that causes syphilis bear mutations that make them resistant to the antibiotic azithromycin, according...
What can solve South Carolina's rural health care crisis?
The Post and Courier | June 14, 2024
Sustainable healthcare models have sprouted, from free clinics to roving vaccine vans.
AdventHealth Hospital Makes Impact by Doubling Infection Prevention Staff
Christopher Cheney | June 14, 2024
The hospital has not had a central line-associated bloodstream infection or a catheter-associated urinary tract infection in the past eight...
Computing and storage are moving to the edge, and IT needs to be ready
CNBC | June 14, 2024
One of the biggest signs that IT is rapidly expanding beyond the data center is the rise of edge computing,...
Supreme Court maintains access to abortion pill in unanimous decision
CNN | June 14, 2024
The ruling is a significant setback for the anti-abortion movement in what was the first major Supreme Court case on...
Symposium highlights scale of mental health crisis and novel methods of diagnosis and treatment
MIT News | June 14, 2024
Co-hosted by the McGovern Institute, MIT Open Learning, and others, the symposium stressed emerging technologies in advancing understanding of mental...
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