Here's Why Nurse Leaders Are Leaving the Workforce
G Hatfield | March 04, 2024
Turnover rates amongst nurse leaders are projected to be high, and CNOs need to strategize.
Tech Is a Worthy Investment for CEOs, Even if ROI Is Not There Yet
Jay Asser | March 01, 2024
Healthcare executives have reasons to believe digital health solutions will eventually pay off.
Congress takes action to reform oxygen payment for Medicare beneficiaries
WPRI 12 | March 01, 2024
Supplemental oxygen improvements made by adequate reimbursement and access to respiratory therapists are key to new bill.
Revenue Cycle
HL Shorts: COVID's Impact on Patient Communication in Rev Cycle
Jasmyne Ray | March 01, 2024
The pandemic brought an emphasis on patient preference when it comes to how they communicate with systems.
Understanding the debate on addressing nurse practitioners as 'doctor'
Forbes | March 01, 2024
In recent years, the healthcare landscape has witnessed a contentious debate: Should nurse practitioners, known as "NPs," be addressed as...
Baystate Health nurses and officials speak on lack of pay raises
Western Mass News | March 01, 2024
On Wednesday, Western Mass News received a copy of a letter Baystate Health sent to its employees saying they will...
Most Private-Sector Employees’ Work Offers Health Insurance
Bloomberg Law | March 01, 2024
About 86% of private-sector employees in the US worked for employers that offered health insurance to their workers, according to...
Clinical Care
Can intergenerational mentorship programs reduce ageism in medicine?
Medical Xpress | March 01, 2024
Ageism can impact the quality of patient care and be a source of frustration for older patients.
Clinical Care
Stanford Medicine uses augmented reality for real-time data visualization during surgery
Stanford Medicine | March 01, 2024
Stanford Medicine physician uses augmented reality to streamline data visualization during surgery.
Why Medicare is adding prior authorization requirements as others cut back
Axios | March 01, 2024
Medicare is taking the rare step of adding pre-treatment approval requirements before patients can get care at certain outpatient surgical...
Nuvance hospital system to merge with Northwell Health
CT Mirror | March 01, 2024
The $18 billion deal is subject to state approval in Connecticut and New York, and must also be approved by...
CVS pays $1.5M fine to Ohio over prescription problems | March 01, 2024
CVS entered a settlement with the Ohio Board of Pharmacy that requires it to pay a $1.3 million fine to...
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