Medicare Buy-in for Older Americans Could Raise Premiums for Younger Consumers
Jack O'Brien | November 18, 2019
The study projected that 6 million people would move from the individual markets to a Medicare buy-in program.
Stop Emergency Department Violence Against Nurses, Physicians
Jennifer Thew RN | November 18, 2019
A new campaign aims to heighten awareness of the detrimental effects of emergency department violence.
Worthwhile Reform or Wasted Time? Unpacking the Hospital Price Transparency Final Rule
Revenue Cycle Advisor | November 18, 2019
While major hospital groups prepare to challenge the Trump administration in court over its rule, hospitals must begin the tedious...
Former CEO Agrees to Sell 13 Properties to Settle False Claims Case
Steven Porter | November 18, 2019
The settlement follows a separate criminal conviction, for which the ex-exec has already been sentenced to prison.
Startup Seeks To Hold Doctors, Hospitals Accountable On Patient Record Requests
Kaiser Health News | November 18, 2019
Ciitizen uses a five-star system to rate how health care providers comply with federal rules governing record requests.
Clinical Care
Post-ISCHEMIA: Focus Turns to Testing for Stable Angina
MedPage Today | November 18, 2019
Stress test no longer enough to send most stable cases to cath lab?
Clinical Care
Indiana Health System Develops New Measure of Care Value
Christopher Cheney | November 18, 2019
The new measure compares actual spending on patient care over a 12-month period against the expected level of spending.
Kaiser, mourning CEO Bernard Tyson, vows to continue his work
San Francisco Chronicle | November 18, 2019
Clinical Care
Opinion: The diagnosis was wrong. Could doctor bias have been a factor?
The Washington Post | November 18, 2019
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