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Population Health: Embracing greater risk

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  • August 2018

    In the 2018 HealthLeaders Media Population Health Survey, 87% of respondents say that improving their organizations’ ability to manage the health of a defined population is very important, indicating that population health is a top priority for nearly all providers. However, given the importance of developing competencies in population health and the resources being invested in its ongoing development, it is somewhat surprising that the industry isn’t further along in this mission.

    One barometer of progress is net patient revenue from population health activities, which appears to have plateaued. Overall, survey results suggest that respondents remain committed to becoming more involved in risk-based population health activities. But this undertaking is not for the faint of heart—after making significant investments in people, infrastructure, and IT, providers face real consequences if they misjudge their capabilities or lack insight into the quality of their risk pool.

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