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Now Active: CMS Implements 433 ICD-10-CM Code Changes for 2024

Analysis  |  By Amanda Norris  
   October 01, 2023

The fiscal year 2024 ICD-10-CM codes are now effective, and they will impact your reimbursement.

Earlier this year, CMS announced the addition of 395 new diagnosis codes, 25 deletions to the diagnosis code set, and 13 revisions—all of these updates were implemented October 1.

An ample amount of the code changes pertain to reporting certain diseases, accidents and injuries, and social determinants of health (SDOH).

This 2024 diagnosis code update comes at a time when hospitals and health systems are working more diligently than ever to address their patients’ social needs and the broader SDOH in the communities they serve.

When it comes to updates to SDOH, there are 30 new diagnosis codes for factors influencing health status and contact with health services. There are also a host of new guidelines for reporting these codes.

For example, there is a new code for reporting an encounter for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis. A “code also” note instructs coders to report risk factors for HIV, when applicable.

An extensive “code also” update for “other specified problems related to upbringing” says codes for the following diagnoses should also be reported when applicable:

  • Absence of a family member
  • Disappearance and death of family member
  • Disruption of family by separation and divorce
  • Other specified problems related to primary support group
  • Other stressful life events affecting family and household

Robust data related to patients’ social needs is critical to hospitals’ efforts to improve the health of their patients and communities. One way to capture data on the social needs of patient populations is through proper documentation and keeping revenue cycle staff up to date on code changes, which will help to better identify non-medical factors that may influence a patient’s health status.

The other new diagnosis codes are spread throughout the code set, with several dozen pertaining to osteoporosis with fractures, retinopathy and muscle entrapment in the eye, and disease of the nervous system—including Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy.

Of the 395 new codes, 123 of them reside in the external causes of morbidity chapter of the ICD-10-CM manual, specifically new codes to capture accidents and injuries.

Amanda Norris is the Associate Content Manager of Finance, Payer, Revenue Cycle, and Strategy for HealthLeaders.


There are now 395 new diagnosis codes, 25 deletions to the diagnosis code set, and 13 revisions.

All of these updates were implemented October 1.

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