An Enterprise Management Approach to Healthcare

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Healthcare delivery and financing models are evolving rapidly as healthcare reform means hospitals and systems need a sharpened focus on the healthcare trifecta—the patient experience, operational efficiencies, and financial health. Unfortunately, many are faced with gaps in operational knowledge as they reinvent themselves. Never has the call for strategic collaboration been stronger, but as hospitals redirect their time and resources to unfamiliar areas, success hinges not only on their ability to start or change initiatives, but also on targeted operational and clinical support that can be turned on and scaled up quickly. Collaboration has become more than a leadership philosophy. In the value era it is a key business strategy that can trim costs while providing direction and solutions in areas vital to a healthy bottom line, including technology, workforce, revenue cycle, and supply chain. An enterprise management approach to healthcare can provide proven teams that are focused on their respective areas of expertise, allowing executives to effectively focus on their core mission: enhancing clinical processes to improve healthcare quality and patient outcomes.