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3 Things All Clinicians Should Know About Palliative Care

By Debra Shute  
   October 20, 2016

3. All clinicians need core palliative care skills.

There is a shortage of palliative care services in the U.S. because of limited residency slots in this relatively new field, among other reasons.

To help address the problem, experts advocate strongly for enhanced mid-career training in core palliative care skills, such as communication and pain management, for all clinicians. Vanderbilt, for example, has created a series of courses in these skills for its nurses and midlevel providers.

Educating the current workforce is just as important for health systems as building out formal palliative care programs, according to Morrison. What's more, these skillsets can benefit anyone involved in patient care.

"If you're 35 and come in with pneumonia, you'd like to know that the team taking care of you knows how to treat breathlessness," he says.

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Debra Shute is the Senior Physicians Editor for HealthLeaders Media.

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