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ACA Changes Favored 2 to 1 by Healthcare Leaders Over Repeal and Replace

By Jonathan Bees  
   January 17, 2017

Healthcare leaders prefer seeing changes to the Affordable Care Act rather than a wholesale repeal and replace. The results are from a new HealthLeaders Media survey that explores healthcare in the Trump era.

This is part of a series covering the Shaping of Healthcare's Future in the Trump era.

As the Trump administration officially begins later this week, a new HealthLeaders Media survey shows that healthcare industry leaders support changes to the existing law rather than replacing it. Two-thirds of respondents (66%) say the best option for the healthcare industry regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is to make some changes but otherwise retain it.

At the opposite ends of the spectrum, 27% favor full repeal and replacement, while only 7% of respondents say keep it as it is, indicating the extent of dissatisfaction with the PPACA.

Interestingly, a greater share of health systems (78%) than hospitals (66%) and physician organizations (65%) favor making some changes to the PPACA.

Healthcare Leaders Split on Incoming Trump Administration

On the other hand, a greater share of hospitals (28%) and physician organizations (27%) than health systems (17%) prefer full repeal and replacement. This is perhaps an indication that health systems are less able than other providers to accept full repeal and replacement because of their greater complexity as organizations.

Among the 66% of respondents who say that the best option for the PPACA is to make some changes, the top three changes they advocate are adding a public health insurance option (61%), eliminating the excise tax on high-cost employer health benefit plans ('Cadillac tax') (50%), and eliminating the individual mandate and noncompliance penalty (37%).

Jonathan Bees is a research analyst for HealthLeaders.

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