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Population Health Priorities

News  |  By Lena J. Weiner  
   April 01, 2016

In our October 2015 Intelligence Report, healthcare leaders cited a variety of population health initiatives. HealthLeaders Media Council members discuss efforts that are important to their organization's population health management strategy.

This article first appeared in the April 2016 issue of HealthLeaders magazine.


Ann Oasan
UniNet Healthcare Network
CHI Health
Omaha, Nebraska

Physician and patient engagement are probably the most critical parts of population health. We've had care management in place in our primary care clinic for the past three to four years, and we've been very successful, but now we are focusing more on physician engagement.

Our use of care coordinators actually helps get physicians onboard for population health. When there is a patient who has a social need, physicians have a care coordinator who they can refer that patient to, and know they'll get the best care. The care coordinator has those resources at their fingertips, while a physician may need to do a lot of research to find some of these things.

We do receive claims data from many of our payers. Some of our payers are providing financial assistance to help manage those patients, which is helping pay for the infrastructure costs of our population health program. Several of our payers are recognizing that providers and payers need to work together, and they have been willing to sit down with us to design a program.


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Lena J. Weiner is an associate editor at HealthLeaders Media.

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