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Q&A: Cleveland Clinic CEO to Join Trump Advisory Panel

By Philip Betbeze  
   December 15, 2016

Toby Cosgrove, MD, discusses his concerns about the regulatory burdens on healthcare providers ahead of serving on the president-elect's "strategic and policy forum."

This is the first in of a series covering the Shaping of Healthcare's Future in the Trump era. As the new administration prepares to take office, HealthLeaders Media will continue to talk with healthcare leaders about the challenges and opportunities for the industry that lie ahead.

The single voice representing healthcare on President-elect Donald Trump's "strategic and policy" forum belongs to Delos "Toby" Cosgrove, MD, president and CEO of the Cleveland Clinic.

Although details about what the group will discuss in its monthly in-person meetings are not yet known, Cosgrove says he's honored by the selection and humbled that he will be able to represent healthcare to the president.

Forum members are charged with offering insights on how government policy impacts economic growth, job creation and productivity. The 19-member group will bring together leaders from business, finance, and technology and is scheduled to start its meetings in February, after the inauguration.

Following is a lightly edited transcript of a conversation between Cosgrove and HealthLeaders Media on his thoughts about the group and its purpose.

HLM: You said you had heard from other healthcare leaders. I won't ask you who, but talk generally about some of their concerns with respect to the ACA and value-based care?

Cosgrove: They haven't been that specific, the ones who have reached out about the group.

Occasionally people have come to me and asked me to talk to them about this or that, but so far they haven't been major healthcare leaders.

First of all, there's a recognition by this group that if you're going to talk about strategy and the economy, you have to talk about the biggest employer and biggest industry in the U.S., which is healthcare. So that certainly is part of the agenda for the group.

Philip Betbeze is the senior leadership editor at HealthLeaders.

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