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Top 3 MRI Marketing Strategies

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   November 12, 2014

Arriving at the right marketing tactic for your hospital or health system's magnetic resonance imaging capabilities can be as simple as aligning your marketing message with the needs of your community.

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When one of my friends got a concussion from an unfortunate fly ball at a softball game this summer, he declined to receive an MRI scan, against his doctor's advice.

Why? Because his work only offered a high-deductible health plan and he was worried that the cost of the scan would be a major blow to his bank account.

This decision surprised me for a couple of reasons; first, with all of the high profile cases regarding the dangers and consequences of concussions in the NFL and other sports, I'd have thought my friend would take his injury more seriously, regardless of cost.

Secondly, TV and radio stations statewide have recently been peppered with healthcare organizations advertising low-cost MRIs. When I asked my friend, who is typically a savvy consumer, if he looked into those options, he said he figured they'd still cost too much.

Thankfully, my friend is doing well and doesn't seem to have any remaining symptoms from his concussion. However, his experience did get me thinking about how hospitals and healthcare organizations approach MRI marketing, and whether those methods are effective.

Here's a look at the three most common MRI marketing strategies and the audience each one reaches.

Strategy 1: Low Cost

Promoting low-cost MRIs is a growing marketing trend, especially as media outlets hone in on price disparities across organizations.

Marianne Aiello is a contributing writer at HealthLeaders Media.

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