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CRC Recognizes Jennifer Williams, CPCS

Analysis  |  By Credentialing Resource Center  
   December 30, 2020

The CRC team reached out to Williams so that we could get to know her better and hear about her work in the field.

A version of this article was first published December 21, 2020, by HCPro's Credentialing Resource Center, a sibling publication to HealthLeaders.

As part of our initiative to highlight the efforts of MSPs everywhere, the Credentialing Resource Center Team is recognizing stellar MSPs in the community by featuring them in Credentialing Resource Center Digest

In our latest feature, we would like to recognize Jennifer Williams, CPCS. Williams is the credentialing coordinator at Tanana Chiefs Conference (TCC) in Fairbanks, Alaska and has 10 years of experience in medical staff services.

“Jennifer is so much more than TCC’s credentialing coordinator, she is my right arm.  It is due to her keen eye for details, remarkable memory, dedication to timelines and self-determination and discipline that our team functions incredibly well,” says Annita Clark, credentialing manager at TCC and the colleague who nominated Williams. “We could not do what we do, to the degree of accuracy that we function, if not for her professionalism and self-discipline.”

The CRC team reached out to Williams so that we could get to know her better and hear about her work in the field. Below are the highlights of our conversation:

CRC: What aspect of your career are you most passionate about?

Williams: Providing patient safety by making sure we credential quality providers.

CRC: What piece of advice would you give those entering medical staff services?

Williams: Trust your instincts. Always do your best to review concerns with providers further.

CRC: If you could sum up being an MSP in three words or less, what would they be?

Williams: Fulfilling, interesting, and rewarding.

CRC: What movie do you think everyone should see at least once?

WilliamsThe Wizard of Oz.

The CRC team thanks Williams for her countless contributions to the medical staff services profession!

Is there a member of your team that you're especially grateful for this year? We want to know! Email CRC editor Karla Accorto at with their name, organization, email address, and a few sentences about what makes them such a great MSP and team member. Your nominated MSP could be featured in an upcoming issue of our Credentialing Resource Center Digest!

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