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Infographic: 4 Virtual Nursing Metrics

Analysis  |  By G Hatfield  
   June 19, 2024

Properly measuring ROI is critical to the success of virtual nursing, say these nurse leaders. 

Executives from a dozen health systems met in Atlanta in early June for the HealthLeaders Virtual Nursing Mastermind program, in a forum to establish common goals, challenges, and successes.

The program, which included three virtual roundtables, established a number of key metrics that executives are focusing on as they evaluate their virtual nursing strategies.

Here are four key metrics CNOs need to be measuring to prove the ROI of their virtual nursing program. Click here to read the full article by HealthLeaders editor, Eric Wicklund. 

The HealthLeaders Mastermind series is an exclusive series of calls and events with healthcare executives. This Virtual Nursing Mastermind series features ideas, solutions, and insights on exceling your virtual nursing program. Please join the community at our LinkedIn page.

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G Hatfield is the nursing editor for HealthLeaders.


HealthLeaders’ Virtual Nursing Mastermind program convened in Atlanta in early June, with executives from 12 health systems gathering to discuss the benefits and challenges of a virtual nursing platform.

Part of the discussion centered on key metrics to track that enable healthcare executives to measure a program’s success and sustainability.

Those metrics focus on nurse turnover and well-being, patient satisfaction, patient length of stay and administrative tasks.

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