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Higher Readmission Penalties Linked to Low HCAHPS Scores

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   December 12, 2012

"The patient is really engaged and has multiple opportunities to ask questions and understands what is expected of the patient upon discharge and what their individual responsibilities are," Buhlman says.

"Traditionally, the sphere of influence for hospitals was what happened on the campus and the walls of the hospital."

"When you have a leadership culture at the top that puts the patient experience as a top priority, that focuses on all the details of the patient experience, and as a result you're a high performing organization, the performance crosses the continuum...whether it's clinical, safety, patient experience, or even financial performance...they're at the higher end of the benchmarks of your peers, because you put the patient first," Ryan says.

With new components being added into the VBP measurement algorithm, "you see an efficiency of care domain that reflects spending per Medicare beneficiary from three days prior to admission to 30-days post discharge, so very much reflecting beyond the traditional sphere of influence within the hospital and the same is true with 30-day readmissions," she says.

The study also found that hourly rounding by nursing staff seems to be "the single most effective strategy for improving performance in patient experience."

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