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Can ViVE 2024 Solve Healthcare’s Biggest Dilemmas?

Analysis  |  By Eric Wicklund  
   February 23, 2024

Probably not, but next week’s conference will bring together an impressive list of C-Suite decision-makers to discuss how some of the newest and most innovative strategies and technologies are being put to use

From overstressed nurses to overeager AI enthusiasts, next week’s ViVE 2024 conference in Los Angeles aims to take on some of the biggest issues in healthcare innovation.

The annual event, co-produced by HLTH and the College of Health Information Management Executives (CHIME), targets the healthcare industry C-suite in innovation and technology with an agenda that’s heavy on panels and presentations. Topics of discussion will include disruptors in the healthcare space, AI, data management and interoperability, policy, sustainability, and digital health.

In keeping with a growing theme in healthcare conferences this year, ViVE has created a special program for nursing leaders. Faced with high rates of stress and burnout, nursing execs are looking for strategies and technologies that not only improve workflows and wellness, but also take advantage of the nurse’s unique skills and front-line care duties. This includes everything from new ideas for nurse education and training to the adoption of Virtual Nursing programs.

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The conference comes at a crucial time for the industry. With tech companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft and retail giants like Amazon, Walmart, and Walgreens applying new ideas to the healthcare space and a current economy that puts a premium of reducing costs and finding an immediate ROI, health systems and hospitals are under a lot of pressure to do better. That may be why the agenda features an impressive number of healthcare executives, including panels with as many as three execs from different health networks.

Specifically, they’ll be talking about topics like the rapid rise of Generative AI, VC investment in health system ownership, consumer-facing and retail strategies in care delivery, remote patient monitoring and home-based care, challenges with scaling and sustaining telehealth and virtual care platforms, and data management and analysis (a wide-ranging topic that includes interoperability, cybersecurity, and patient access to data).

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As with many conferences, the value to C-suite executives will be in seeing where these concepts are already being put to use, and whether they’ve proven their value. Decision-makers want to see that value now, rather than in a few years, and they’ll be looking for programs already in place, with clear benchmarks and outcomes.

And while any event like this shines the spotlight on new technology, like AI and VR, the industry is shifting its perspective to look for value not in point or niche solutions, but tools and platforms that can be integrated into larger, enterprise-wide programs. Returning attendees often make it a point to see which vendors from previous conferences are still exhibiting and which “shiny new objects” have dulled and been pushed aside.

And if that isn’t enough, there will also be a Billy Idol concert.

Eric Wicklund is the associate content manager and senior editor for Innovation, Technology, and Pharma for HealthLeaders.


Health systems and hospitals are struggling to stay ahead of the curve and deal with challenges such as workforce shortages, stress and burnout, and curbing costs.

ViVE 2024, co-produced by HLTH and CHIME, gives executives an opportunity to discuss how innovative strategies and technologies can tackle those key pain points.

Next week’s event will cover topics that include AI, nursing strategies, the growing role of disruptors in healthcare, data management and interoperability, and RPM and home-based care.

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