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Nurse Leaders Feel Prepared for a Future COVID-19 Surge Despite Ongoing Challenges

Analysis  |  By Son Hoang  
   October 16, 2020

Surveyed nurse leaders who feel supported by their teams and organizations consider themselves more prepared for a future COVID-19 surge.

Nurse leaders says their biggest challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic are communicating and implementing policy changes, surge staffing and training, the emotional health and well-being of staff, and access to personal protective equipment (PPE), according to a survey conducted by AONL and Joslin Marketing.

The survey of more than 1,800 nurse leaders asked them to score how effectively they felt they were able to address these challenges.

While they reported that they felt they handled communicating and implementing policy changes and surge staffing "well," access to PPE and staff emotional health and well-being were closer to "okay."

Despite these COVID-19-related challenges, 86.23% of survey respondents felt prepared for a future surge.

Those who felt better prepared were those who felt that support from their teams and organizations exceeded or far exceeded expectations.

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