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Elevance Health Medicaid Plans Earn NCQA Health Equity Accreditation

Analysis  |  By Jay Asser  
   November 30, 2022

The health insurer is focused on advancing health equity to address the health needs of all communities.

Twenty-one of Elevance Health's affiliated Medicaid plans have earned accreditation for health equity from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), the health insurer announced.

The plans, which serve more than eight million beneficiaries and span 20 states, are the first to receive a full three-year accreditation, according to Elevance. The NCQA health equity accreditation gives organizations, health systems, and health plans an actionable framework for evaluating and elevating the health of the populations they serve.

”Advancing health equity is a priority for everyone at Elevance Health, and we hold ourselves accountable for addressing the root causes that drive poor health outcomes,” said Aimée Dailey, president of Medicaid at Elevance Health.

”Ninety-three percent of our Medicaid members are now served by a health plan that has earned this health equity accreditation, a scale unmatched in the industry. It's an opportunity to continue to address the unique needs and improve the health of the diverse communities we serve.”

Elevance Health, formerly Anthem, states that it has a "health equity by design" philosophy, which allows the insurer to address inequalities and whole health through a personalized approach.

One example of that philosophy in action was when the insurer enrolled 20 Medicaid leaders in a course on advancing health equity through the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health earlier this month.

”While our ongoing work to advance health equity, specifically with this accreditation, is something to celebrate, it is just the beginning," said Dr. Darrell Gray, II, chief health equity officer at Elevance Health. "It's the foundation from which we will continue to innovate in our partnerships and journey towards designing an ecosystem in which all people, regardless of race or ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, and geographic or financial access can receive individualized care that optimizes their health and well-being."

The NCQA announced in September that nine organizations had earned the first accreditation as part of its Health Equity Accreditation (HEA) Plus advanced evaluation program.

Those nine entities were part of NCQA's HEA Accreditation Plus Pilot, with the Plus designation building on the NCQA's existing Health Equity Accreditation program by highlighting organizations "further along on their health equity journey."

Jay Asser is an associate editor for HealthLeaders.


The accreditation is for 21 affiliated Medicaid plans, spanning 20 states and serving more than eight million beneficiaries.

The NCQA's recognition highlights Elevance Health's commitment to addressing inequalities and whole health.

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