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HealthStream’s Director of Product Management Leadership and Finance, Susan Gurzynski-Wells, MS, RHIA, covers investing in employees and growth opportunities in order to support an organization’s success. Find out about the importance of investing in your employees, and yourself, when it comes to continuing education since cultivating personal and professional growth is so important to revenue cycle success.
Revenue cycle experts Taya Moheiser, CMPE, CMOM, owner of ITS Healthcare, and Kem Tolliver, CMPE, CPC, CMOM, president of Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists, share the top trends they're following for 2022.
Becky Greenfield, a partner with Wolfe Pincavage, talks about the upcoming surprise billing rule, including the proposed arbitration process and how revenue cycle leaders should be preparing.
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Terri Meier, director of system patient revenue cycle for UC San Diego Health, shares strategies for educating revenue cycle employees and her thoughts about how she's transformed the customer service role into the highest-paid position in the revenue cycle.
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Cassi Birnbaum, senior enterprise director of HIM, coding, and CDI at PeaceHealth in Vancouver, Washington, shares proven strategies to help revenue cycle leaders think seriously about succession planning as baby boomers begin to retire and the revenue cycle increasingly requires more specialized skills.
Charlie Brown, MBA, a former hospital executive and vice president of revenue cycle at a consulting firm, provides actionable steps for mitigating status downgrades and dealing with them effectively to ensure that organizations receive the full reimbursement for the services they provided.
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Doug Wolfe, co-founder and partner of the Miami-based law firm Wolfe Pincavage details key points for revenue cycle leaders to know about UnitedHealthcare's attempt to 'Monday morning quarterback' ED claims.
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YiDing Yu, MD, chief medical officer at Olive, tells HealthLeaders how artificial intelligence is successfully being used in the revenue cycle.
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Candice Powers, Chief Revenue Cycle Officer for Mon Health System in West Virginia, tells HealthLeaders about how the system is using its preaccess center to reach its rural population. Apple...
Seth Cohen, Co-CEO and Co-Founder at OODA Health and Midori Uehara, co-founder and head of provider partnerships at OODA Health tell us how the OODA technology platform reimagines the payer-provider relationship.