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New Interim HealthCare CEO Looking Forward to a Future of Innovation

Analysis  |  By Jasmyne Ray  
   August 11, 2023

The specialized and clinical home care provider appointed Paul Mastrapa to succeed former CEO Jennifer Sheets in July.

With 30 years of experience in home care and the home health sector, Paul Mastrapa is in familiar territory as president and CEO of Interim HealthCare and its parent company, Caring Brands International.

Interim HealthCare, a provider offering specialized and clinical home care, announced Mastrapa’s appointment as CEO in July. He succeeds former president and CEO, Jennifer Sheets.

Prior to his appointment, Mastrapa served as CEO of Help at Home, a home care provider, and president and CEO of Option Care, the leading national provider of alternate site infusion services.

He knew early in his career that home care and home health were to be his focus.

"I have the benefit of seeing healthcare longitudinally, and I think that helps give me a lot of perspective," he told HealthLeaders.

Much of what is currently happening in healthcare, calls for reform and increased oversight in different areas, has previously occurred, and it's important that workers and stakeholders advocate for the changes they want to see, according to Mastrapa.

Especially, he noted, with such a high portion of the industry receiving reimbursements from the government.

"[We] know [we] need to make sure that [we're] advocating effectively and educating policymakers about the benefit of the services that [we] provide," he said.

Mastrapa also emphasized the importance of an organization's ability to innovate and scale as it grows—particularly large providers such as Interim HealthCare. Considering the growing demand for aging services and the current reforms organizations and healthcare workers alike are advocating for, having those factors as part of organizational culture is crucial.

"Every organization has wonderful caregivers that do the work they do for personal and noble reasons," he said. Early in his career, he added, he learned that organizations could use that purpose-driven mindset to drive strategies, goals, and outcomes and foster a culture that encourages that.

Now a month into his tenure as CEO, Mastrapa has been spending time in the field with franchises, internal support center staff, and company-owned locations getting acquainted with the different areas of Interim HealthCare. Even as a C-suite executive, he doesn't shy away from learning new things.

"There's a lot of innovation happening in the marketplace. Value based care, I think, is a very large, systemic shift that's changing the relationship between providers and payers," he said. "The system really needs to lean into the way these organizations access patients, provide care, drive their services forward."

"It's becoming less about what you do and more about the impact of what you do, which determines your success."

Mastrapa believes that healthcare is at an inflection point, with technological innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential to enable organizations to be more efficient with their workforce, alleviating the strain of the workforce shortage.

Going forward, some of his goals include assessing Interim HealthCare's capabilities against market demands to define a future strategy to accelerate growth.

"I'm very carefully working with the leadership team on where we're headed to drive clear focus, alignment, and investment to help us get there," he said. "Which is what I've tried to do with every organization I've touched."

“It's becoming less about what you do and more about the impact of what you do, which determines your success.”

Jasmyne Ray is the revenue cycle editor at HealthLeaders. 


Prior to joining Interim HealthCare, Mestrapa served as CEO of different home care and home health adjacent organizations.

An organization must be able to innovate and scale as it grows.

As value-based care continues to rise, payers must be attentive to how provider access patients, provide care, and push their services.

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