Report Topics

January/February—Annual Industry Outlook Survey
Our award-winning Annual Industry Outlook Survey highlights healthcare leaders’ strategic priorities and challenges. This report will examine trends surrounding industry and internal barriers to value-based care, reveal areas of planned investments, and explore financial forecasts and growth strategies.

March—Nursing Excellence
Nursing has an impact on the industry well beyond direct patient care. Staffing represents a significant cost, particularly as leaders consider education and licenses. The Nursing Excellence report will look at strategies to address care team models, patient engagement, and care continuum concerns, all while handling clinical quality and fiscal budgetary matters. 

April—Mergers, Acquisitions, and Partnerships
The Mergers, Acquisitions, and Partnerships (MAP) Survey explores factors driving higher levels of MAP activity. This report will discuss the top financial and care delivery objectives for MAP decisions, what type of entity healthcare organizations are most looking to pursue for a MAP, and reasons MAP deals fall through.

May—Value-Based Readiness
Every day, more providers are making the leap and investing in value-based care initiatives. The Value-Based Readiness report will explore the challenges of preparing for value-based care, expectations for growth, and areas of finance and care delivery that must be developed to ensure a successful value-based care program.

June—Cost and Revenue Strategies
Achieving sustainable cost control is one of the healthcare industry’s strategic imperatives and major challenges. The Cost and Revenue Strategies report will explore the biggest barriers to sustainable cost reductions, outline which operational/administrative activities drive the highest dollar value in cost containment contributions, and examine organizations’ ability to determine the true cost of providing care.

July/August—Patient Experience
Using technology and an assortment of training programs to engage a wide range of staff, healthcare providers continue to focus on building organizational cultures centered on patient experience. Having moved beyond simply training to meet the demands of HCAHPS, the patient experience movement is now preparing for the next big challenge―providing patient experience excellence across the continuum. The Patient Experience report will examine patient- and organization-focused areas in which organizations are striving to meet patient experience goals. 

September—Analytics in Healthcare
The transition to value-based care and greater assumption of risk has providers relying on analytics to better understand the healthcare industry. The Analytics in Healthcare report will examine current and future trends for financial and clinical analytics, as well as the types of software in use. 

October—Population Health
As organizations continue to move toward population health management, they are exploring strategic initiatives, executing mergers and acquisitions, investigating risk-based financial models, and investing in IT infrastructures. The Population Health report will examine current and potential initiatives to improve the health of a defined population, review the financial risk structures used today in population health, and consider the biggest barriers to deploying population health programs. 

November—ED and Urgent Care Strategies
As healthcare leaders face a changing industry landscape affecting emergency department and urgent care
including the challenges of behavioral health patients and the opioid epidemicthe ED and Urgent Care Strategies report explores the implications and strategies for success.

December—Workforce Strategies
Talent is an organization’s most valuable resource, and healthcare leaders need to ensure their workforce has the right mix of it to meet the needs of patients throughout the care continuum. The Workforce Strategies report will examine staffing and recruitment challenges, organizational strategy, and staffing models (such as employed, independent, or contracted).