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Executive Expertise

News  |  By Lena J. Weiner  
   March 21, 2016

In our November 2015 Intelligence Report, healthcare leaders cited a variety of skills they find important for the CEO's executive team to possess. HealthLeaders Media Council members discuss areas of expertise that their organization will find valuable in the next few years.

This article first appeared in the May 2016 issue of HealthLeaders magazine.


Glenn Crotty, MD
Executive Vice President, COO
CAMC Health System
Charleston, West Virginia

My organization has taken on systematic review and development of our leadership system. In our leadership system, we have defined requirements for leadership, including defined competencies for leaders. There are some basic qualities we think a leader must have to even be considered for a C-suite role.

A potential leader must be able to [be a] role model and an effective communicator. Those are qualities a leader needs before he or she even gets in the door.

With those satisfied, the competencies we think that the leader must have or quickly develop is to build commitment, be able to motivate, have the ability to self-review and adjust, make change last, be able to reward and recognize, and raise the performance of the organization.

The leader also must share our values of quality, respect, stewardship, safety, integrity, and service with compassion.

Referencing Darwin, the most adaptable survive. One of the key attributes we search for in C-suite candidates is adaptability. Most plans that are developed will last about six months, and then something will happen—there's a new regulation that comes out, or a new edict, a new something will come. We need leaders who can roll with these punches.

Regarding the physician CEO trend, it depends on the need. If the need is mergers and acquisitions, then the pendulum will swing away from physicians, because they usually don't have that skill set. But if the need is continuously improving quality and safety for patient care and fulfilling the Triple Aim, then I think the physician CEO trend will continue.


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Lena J. Weiner is an associate editor at HealthLeaders Media.

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