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Mount Sinai Launches First National Campaign

   April 06, 2016

"With clear direction in a number of areas, we began the campaign announcing the new expanded system, which made the Mount Sinai brand of advanced care available practically everywhere," Verdi says. "To support this message and others, we first relied heavily on print with local and national exposure… In January, to expand the reach and further build on the impact of our message, we began to add television to the mix."

Once marketers determined the best way to communicate Mount Sinai's philosophy and mission, they knew they had to spread the word far and wide.

"We wanted to share our message with a variety of audiences, including those in the national arena," Davis says. "We wanted to convey how special our healthcare providers are, the deep relationships they have with their patients and, beyond that, a sense of our commitment to research and innovative medical curriculum."  

To save money on production costs, DeVito/Verdi created the TV spots using existing footage—a method that allowed the production of 10 ad spots for less than the cost of one typical spot.

"The footage we used was of the highest quality and will likely be recognized as existing footage only after reading this," Verdi says. "With the ability to produce a number of spots the overall program's impact increases exponentially; particularly when the goal is having the audience feel the importance of Mount Sinai."

Since the campaign is in the early stages, marketers are still measuring results, but they believe the initial feedback has been positive.

"Our goal was to showcase Mount Sinai through advertising that was emotional and engaging. We wanted to appeal to all of our audiences--patients, doctors, employees, students, donors, and other individuals," Davis says.

"The campaign was well received, and many said that the ads reinforced what our health system offers in terms of quality patient care and innovations in research and education."

Verdi says he thinks the campaign resonated with audiences because the advertising is consistent with the voice of Mount Sinai. It's differentiated because it closely reflects the unique institution, and industry leaders are taking notice.

"At this point, the best means to test the effectiveness of the campaign is to take the pulse and gauge the reaction of all the key health leader constituencies across the country," Verdi says. "These audiences are in some ways the caretakers of our brand and so far, the reactions are exceeding our expectations."

Mount Sinai Print Ads by HLMedit

Marianne Aiello is a contributing writer at HealthLeaders Media.

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