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The New HealthLeaders: 3 Ways It's Better for You

By Jim Molpus  
   June 11, 2018

Carefully curated content, a better user experience, and a renewed promise to identify actionable solutions are the hallmarks of our new look.

You are looking at the new HealthLeaders. We have listened to you and we have refreshed and relaunched our website and award-winning magazine.

We still aim to provide the best information to help you run a better healthcare organization. Here’s how our redesigns will help:

1. Solutions to Lead

Our purpose is to identify those ideas and strategies that will equip you to run a better hospital, health system, medical group, health plan, or any healthcare organization.

The temptation in healthcare media is to rehash the same problems. Not us.

Our renewed brand promise is to identify only the actionable solutions that add value.  And as always, we look for tested solutions that have come from your peers.

2. A better user experience

"User experience" is a customer service term that encompasses many things. But we have simplified it: We get you to the information you need quickly and cleanly.

Our site navigation has been streamlined into core focus areas, including strategy, nursing, care, innovation and finance. Our content is built for mobile, so you can scroll through to find the content that engages you.

The font is easier to read. You'll see more images and illustrations interspersed by more white space for better viewability.

3. Calm among the chaos

We are all bombarded by too much media. In an era of media noise, we will be the resource for leaders to find only information that adds value.

The industry term is “curated” media, but in real actions, our experienced editors will comb through the daily healthcare headlines and pick the ones most likely to affect you that day.

Our senior editors will build new weekly newsletters in our core topic areas to harvest only the ideas and developments that you can use.  

We invite you to dive into the new HealthLeaders. Look around. Use the heck out of it. See what you like. And if you think there is anything we can do even better, send me a note.

Jim Molpus

Jim Molpus is an editor for HealthLeaders.

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