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Parkview Health Expands Virtual Care Offering

Analysis  |  By Scott Mace  
   November 21, 2022

The Indiana-based health system's new program supports recovering patients at home through personalized engagement and remote patient monitoring.

Parkview Health, a not-for-profit, Indiana-based network of 10 hospitals and more than 100 clinics, will be offering virtual care programs designed to support patient recovery and self-management at home.

The program, featuring patient engagement, device-based monitoring, and telehealth tools to manage patients who are at risk of readmission, is being deployed in partnership with Veta Health, a provider of remote patient monitoring services.

"A strong virtual care offering is essential to how we best serve our post-acute and chronically-ill patients who are most at risk," Maximilian Maile, senior vice president of digital health at Parkview, said in a press release.

Parkview selected Veta Health to replace its existing telehealth platform, with plans to support more services soon. The multi-year partnership, which encompasses integration with the Epic EHR, will enable the health system to move patients more seamlessly through its care settings and reinforce the clinician-patient relationship.

Once they are enrolled, patients receive biometric monitoring devices to record their vital signs and a digitized care plan to report their symptoms, with communication via cellular data networks to Veta and Parkview. Patients can also view educational content and communicate with their care team via video conferencing. Digital care plans are uniquely tailored to each patient.

The RPM platform is designed to alert care teams about risk factors and disease exacerbation, permitting proactive, early intervention. By leveraging remote monitoring devices and telehealth capabilities to support the care journey, the program will offer connected layers of interaction and support from care teams to optimize recovery and outcomes.

Parkview Health is a not-for-profit, community-based health system, which serves northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio, covering a population of more than 850,000 people.

Scott Mace is a contributing writer for HealthLeaders.

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