Stories from the OR: Dashboard Design and Deployment

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This webinar focuses on the vision and goals of a surgical services dashboard that helps streamline tedious data collection, presentation efforts, and daily analysis that contributes to reducing start time delays up to 50%.

Listen as Meaghan McCoy, Business Coordinator for Surgical Services at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, uncovers the optimization of OR Block and non-block utilization that lead to a 10+% improvement in block utilization in 20 OR’s.

A Culture of Consolidation

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Exploring the 2017 Mergers, Acquisitions, and Partnerships Survey

The steady march of merger, acquisition, and partnership (MAP) activity shows few signs of abatement, and the long list of factors contributing to healthcare industry consolidation—healthcare reform, the move to value-based care, and provider needs for greater scale and geographic coverage, to name just a few—continue to reshape the industry landscape.

This informative webinar explores the drivers behind MAP activity and examines the outlook for future growth. Join our senior analysts as they discuss key results and takeaways from this latest survey to help benchmark your organization within the industry.

Specific topics covered:

  • Objectives of MAP activity
  • Level of MAP activity
  • Value of mergers and acquisitions in the next three years
  • Organizational preferences for MAP targets

HealthLeaders Media Live: Transform the Patient Financial Experience

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Transparency, navigation, and payer collaboration drive bottom-line results from the 2017 HealthLeaders Media Revenue Cycle Exchange

Tune into this special event as revenue cycle leaders from multiple systems reveal the strategies behind their success. Attendees will gain the insight to:

  • Take the revenue cycle experience to the community, with proactive tactics to improve navigation
  • Use transparency, patient-friendly billing and a market-based pricing strategy to drive customer experience and collections
  • Change the customer vocabulary from competitive to compassionate with enhanced financial assistance guidelines, payment options and accessibility

Artificial Intelligence and Clinical Documentation: The Impact on Quality Outcomes and Physician Engagement

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Tethering the outcomes of both clinical and financial integration are critical in today’s pay-for-performance environ¬ment. Physician engagement in creating high quality clinical documentation is a key driver for the clinical and business decisions that impact healthcare organizations' ability to improve quality while reducing costs. And, Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhances physician engagement by enabling better capture and documentation of patient cases.

Join us on Wednesday, March 22nd to hear why though most organizations have some form of CDI program in place today, healthcare leaders consider it highly important among their organizational priorities for 2017.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore advancements in speech and cognitive technologies that engage and excite physicians
  • Review the positive quality and financial outcomes of deploying a clinically-focused approach to documentation improvement
  • Change the way you think about how clinical documentation is captured and how you measure success

Medicare Bundles and Beyond: Strategies for Success

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In April 2016, the CMS Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) mandated that hospitals in 67 markets be responsible for total cost and quality of hip and knee replacements, including 90 days post discharge.  New payments models have been finalized for cardiac episodes of AMI and CABG which might go into effect later this year. At the same time, commercial and direct to employer bundled payment programs continue to expand.  Join us for this webinar on February 15, 2017 at 1 pm ET to see hospitals can use a combination of actionable analytics and consulting for success under these new alternative payment models as mandated or by choice in 2017 and beyond.

Learn how:

  •  Proprietary analytics drive actionable quality and cost improvements
  •  Insights allow for quality visibility for 90-day episodes of care, whether planned or unplanned

Patient Identification – The Challenges Healthcare Leaders and the Industry are Facing Today

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Exchanging information across the healthcare ecosystem and achieving interoperability is a goal and challenge all healthcare organizations share. Developing proper processes and procedures continues to play a larger role in facilitating interoperability, improving patient outcomes, and creating efficiencies.

And while healthcare is achieving interoperability in some areas, a critical area of focus should fall on accurate patient identification. Further progress is being hindered by the lack of standardization and accuracy of patient data, which when exchanged increases errors exponentially across the industry. The most significant impact of these errors is patients receiving incorrect treatments.

In this webinar Andrew Gettinger, M.D., Acting Deputy National Coordinator for Health Information Technology and Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) at ONC will address many of the challenges the industry is facing around patient identification today.  He will also discuss the role that healthcare leaders, enterprises, physicians, and even patients plays in improving quality outcomes.  

Key Topics of this Webinar include:

  1. Interoperability importance
  2. Creation of proper processes and procedures
  3. Challenges & frustrations around patient identification
  4. Lack of standardization
  5. Patient safety impacts