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You Say 'Patient-Centered Care.' He Says It's Not Enough.

By Tinker Ready  
   July 20, 2017

HLM: Why does that lead you to say "patient-centered is no longer enough? "

Millenson: The term patient-centered doesn't fit in these circumstances. This is a description of something that is happing outside the healthcare system's control and will sometimes exclude the traditional healthcare system.

HLM: Why is this change such a challenge for doctors, and how can they respond?

Millenson: This is difficult for medical professionals to put their minds around, that they can be excluded. Talking about shared information, shared engagement, and shared accountability starts to give them a framework to adjust to this.

I want the healthcare systems to adapt and be a good partner… It's better for patient. It's better for the healthcare system. But to do that, they have to understand that they are going to have to give up a measure of control so they can face the future.

This concept [of collaborative care] is dynamic and it recognizes shifting boundaries.

That has not always been the case. It's an ecosystem. Sometimes I'll be engaged with my health plan. I might be engaged with another vendor, and not with my doctors.

Sometimes I want my doctor to engage with those people… It is dynamic. This is what makes it difficult. Boundaries blur.

HLM: You talk about retail stores collecting fitness data and widespread access to interactive web sites. Is that why you mean by a shift of control away from doctors?

Millenson: It's saying that we, the individuals, will control when we interact with the healthcare system and, often, how we interact with the healthcare system.

It may be something that looks like a traditional relationship; it may be a very different relationship. That is going to originate from patients and our collaboration with you (the provider), not your pseudo-patient centeredness.

Tinker Ready is a contributing writer at HealthLeaders Media.

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