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You Say 'Patient-Centered Care.' He Says It's Not Enough.

By Tinker Ready  
   July 20, 2017

HLM: What do health systems need to know about this new paradigm?

Millenson: If they wait until they are forced out of the old system, if they try to cling to control for too long, they will lose out and patients will lose out.

People who go into healthcare go into it to do good. People who decide to become hospital administrators, their second choice was not headge fund manage. They care about people. They want to do well, but they get caught up in the system.

They should understand that the relationships are changing and they need to change. I think this is a great opportunity for hospital to reset.

When there is change, and you act on the change, you can come out on top.

HLM: Will collaborative care save money?

Millenson: The real answer is we don't know. Everything is always touted as cost saving. We don't know whether or not these electronic interventions are truly going to be cost saving. We do know that addressing the social determinant of health saves money.

Tinker Ready is a contributing writer at HealthLeaders Media.

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