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Your Nursing Workforce Growth Strategy Isn't Working: Here Are 4 Ways to Fix It

Analysis  |  By Amanda Norris  
   May 15, 2024

The old ways of growing the nursing workforce are no longer working, so it's time to usher in some new strategies before it's too late.

Welcome to our May 2024 cover story. Each month, our editors will be taking a deep dive into the topics that matter most to you in our cover story series. From ways to win the payer/provider war to what not to automate in the revenue cycle, we have a lot of stories up our sleeves this year.

So what did we look into this month? Well, the greatest challenge facing nursing leaders today is workforce development. Health systems are in dire need of solutions that improve both recruitment and retention.

HealthLeaders' CNO editor G Hatfield spoke with four nurse leaders to find out what workforce growth strategies need to be put to rest and explore four ways CNOs can move forward and build a strong, healthy, and happy workforce.


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Amanda Norris is the Director of Content for HealthLeaders.


CNOs need to reexamine their recruitment and retention policies to be more inclusive, and redesign care delivery models to be more innovative. 

Nurses want opportunities and flexibility, so CNOs should be open to new ways of scheduling shifts, and provide mentorship and avenues for career development.

Tackling workforce development issues should be a group effort between the CNO and the rest of the C-Suite, with support from the CEO and CFO.

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