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Humana Program Targets Community Health Resources

By Gregory A. Freeman  
   October 11, 2017

The health plan's bold goal is to improve customer health 20% by 2020. Humana's strategy includes helping community make better use of existing resources.

A community health initiative by Humana is proving beneficial to both the company and consumers by improving the health of those whose care tends to be the most costly for any health plan.

A key part of the health plan's strategy is to help communities make better use of the resources already available to them.

Humana announced its Bold Goal community health program two years ago, aiming for a 20% improvement in the health of its customers 2020, using the CDC's population health management tool known as Healthy Days to benchmark community health and measure progress.

The measurement takes into account how a person is feeling holistically, including his or her mental and physical health.

The 2017 Humana Bold Goal progress report showed a two percent improvement on a national basis among its membership. That is a significant improvement for Humana customers, who mostly are Medicare Advantage enrollees, says Roy Beveridge, MD, chief medical officer at Humana.

Better Health, Better Financials

Members typically stay with Humana for about seven or eight years, which gives the company a chance to encourage meaningful changes in their health, he says.

"The more we improve their health, their lives improve. But also, the better it is for us financially," Beveridge says.

"We learned years ago that we have these phenomenally, wonderfully aligned interests. The healthier we make our population, the better off we are financially and obviously the better it is for the patient."

It doesn't happen with just Humana's input and effort, Beveridge says. The Bold Goal program incorporates grocery stores, pharmacies, local governments, gyms, transportation sources, and other factors that can affect an individual's health.

Gregory A. Freeman is a contributing writer for HealthLeaders.

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