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An experienced chief nursing officer, holder of a PhD and other titles, Katie has accomplished much throughout her career. However, even with all these qualifications, she has not been exempt from the experience of discrimination in her professional career. In light of the recent protests, Katie tackles the hard questions surrounding racial injustice within the healthcare industry. Join us as she speaks of change through the use of empowerment and education.
An established and esteemed nurse, Barbara is well respected for her dedication to patient focused care. With 40 years of experience, she is also no stranger to crisis situations. From potential explosive hazards to COVID-19, her commitment to her patients and her team shines through. Join us as we follow her story on how to deliver effective patient care under the worst situations.
Emily has had a truly unique experience with COVID-19. Not only did she treat ailing patients in the fight against the disease as an ER Nurse, but she was also one of the first in Indiana to contract COVID-19. Spending weeks in recovery during a time when the disease was still new, she managed to kick coronavirus to the curb. Join us as we follow her story of recovery and passion for what she loves most, nursing.
HealthLeaders Revenue Cycle Editor Alexandra Pecci speaks with Privia Health's Jeannette Wood, vice president of revenue cycle management, and Amy Waller, vice president of HIM and coding integrity, about how their revenue cycle developed an online workbook that can be updated and shared in real time to manage coding and billing changes effectively across their multistate network.
HealthLeaders Revenue Cycle Editor Alexandra Pecci speaks with Patrick McDermott, interim VP of revenue cycle for ProMedica, about how his revenue cycle team quickly worked to enable employees to work safely at home in response to COVID-19 and how to manage the workforce in this new environment.
HealthLeaders Revenue Cycle Editor Alexandra Pecci speaks with Shawntea Moheiser, owner of ITS Healthcare, LLC in Omaha, and Kem Tolliver, president of Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists in Maryland, about the revenue cycle implications for the new COVID-19 CMS telehealth billing changes.
In this Vocera Sponsored podcast, HealthLeaders Nursing Editor Jennifer Thew, RN, speaks with Rhonda Collins, RN, CNO of Vocera, about the evolving role of nurses, the importance of communication, and how to use technology to improve care team collaboration.
HealthLeaders Finance Editor Jack O'Brien speaks with Jenny Barnett-Sarpalius , CFO of LCMC Health in New Orleans, about analyzing the financial damage done from the virus and looking to implement effective revenue growth strategies and expense control measures going forward.
HealthLeaders Finance Editor Jack O'Brien speaks with Meghann Hutchison , CFO of Lovelace Medical Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, about how the organization responded to COVID-19, what the plans are to bring back elective procedures, and how to prepare for a potential second wave in the fall.
HealthLeaders Finance Editor Jack O'Brien speaks with Steve Lawler , president of the North Carolina Healthcare Association, about the ongoing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak, what business strategies provider executives should put into place to bolster the bottom line, and the future of telehealth solutions.