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​Innovative Digital Health Tools Offer 'Seamless' Patient Experience

By Alexandra Wilson Pecci  
   November 07, 2017

The Nemours App for Asthma is the first product from Nemours's Center for Health Delivery Innovation, released as part of a new digital health strategy that provides all digital assets on a single platform for users.

Older patients might get a huge chunk of the country's healthcare dollars, but when it comes to the future of digital health, it's young people who will undoubtedly drive the trends. That's especially true for children's healthcare, where the patients and families are young. 

"Families are comparing us to Amazon and Google and their banking app," says PJ Gorenc, operating officer of the Nemours Center for Health Delivery Innovation. "They are on the younger end of the spectrum and many of them are digital natives who don't know a world without convenient access to any of the organizations they interact with."

That's why last week, Nemours Children's Health System launched the Nemours App for Asthma. It's the first product from Nemours's Center for Health Delivery Innovation, and is part of a new digital health strategy that provides its tools on a single platform.

"A lot of health systems are trying to have a telehealth program, have a meaningful patient portal, and provide patient education," says Gina Altieri, CPA, senior vice president and chief of strategy integration at Nemours Children's Health System. "But what's unique to what we're trying to do is leveraging all of those assets so that it's seamless to the patients and families."

Although an asthma app is the first, many other apps are in the pipeline. So far, Nemours has spent just over $1.5 million on the platform that's being developed.

Ahead of the app's launch at last week's U.S. News and World Report Healthcare of Tomorrow conference in Washington, D.C., Gorenc and Altieri talked about Nemours' digital health strategy. Here's part one of that conversation. It has been edited for clarity.

HealthLeaders Media: Walk me through what's coming for patients and providers and what's the impetus for doing it now? What are the metrics for success?

Gorenc: We're starting with an application developed for supporting families for children with asthma. The idea is to design the experience for the families in order to support care for the chronic condition. We also want to route people to the appropriate level of care at the right moment and to support that relationship between the family and the clinician, so that there's a better understanding with what's happening with the patient in between visits.

Alexandra Wilson Pecci is an editor for HealthLeaders.

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