How Community Hospitals Can Increase Net Revenue, Accelerate Cash Collection and Reduce Cost

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Financially challenged hospitals must collect every dollar due. Optimizing the revenue cycle helps deliver bottom-line results; and while the process is complex, the philosophy is simple: What is measured and monitored gets improved.

In our latest One Minute Matters video, learn more about the steps you can take to start seeing revenue cycle improvements today.

Seven Pandemic Insights for Community Hospital Leaders

Community Hospital Corporation

The pandemic has been difficult for community hospitals across the country, but the challenges have brought innovation and improvement as well. Today, community hospital leaders are striving to place their hospital on a strengthened, sustainable path forward.

Watch our latest One Minute Matters video to see seven pandemic insights that'll be vital for community hospital leaders in improving patient care and hospital performance!

Key Strategies to Optimize Your Rehabilitation Unit

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Inpatient rehabilitation units have the incredible potential to help enhance patient access and improve hospital performance. However, specialized expertise and resources are difficult to develop and maintain. 

Watch our latest One Minute Matters video to see the three key steps needed to combat this challenge and meet the growing opportunity!

Finding Your Path to Long-term Hospital Sustainability

Community Hospital Corporation

Several factors make it more challenging for smaller, independent hospitals, which have pushed more rural and community facilities to seek additional resources to aid in their path towards long-term sustainability.

Watch our latest one-minute matters video to learn about these factors and the resources available for targeting financial, operational and clinical improvements!

A Proactive Approach in Balancing Staff to Meet Patient Demand

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As a nursing leader, balancing your staff to meet patient demand is a daily challenge. Far too often, you do not have the time or insights to make educated decisions and are left scrambling to secure coverage.

Watch our latest one minute matters video to hear about how taking a proactive approach can ensure staff members across your entire health system are in optimal situations!

Overcome Denials Challenges Through Partnership

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Recent studies show that both commercial and public payers deny about one in every 10 submitted claims, costing health systems up to 2 percent of net patient revenue.

Watch our latest one minute matters video to hear about this critical concern for healthcare providers across the spectrum!