Convenient Consumer Access


Are you available where — and when — consumers are searching?

Healthcare needs are unpredictable by nature, and most consumers wait until an unexpected illness or injury strikes to search for care. As a result, on-demand scheduling and around-the-clock availability has become a market expectation.

An online appointment scheduling platform can help you meet this demand by providing consumers with simple, streamlined, and always-on scheduling options across all major access points:

  • On a mobile device
  • In your office
  • From your practice webpage
  • Through the 24/7 call center
  • Via

With the right tools and partner, you can provide the transparency, accessibility, and ease today’s consumer demands, helping them to choose you with confidence.

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Finding Rehab Success: Key Benefits of Partnership

Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services

In today’s healthcare environment, partnership is preferable to developing in-house rehabilitation programs.

Support from a third-party team of rehab experts enables healthcare providers to reach high levels of performance at lower expenses than ownership, patient experience improves with fewer in-house resources, and post-acute expenditures are lowered by reducing several critical cost factors, including emergency room visits, readmissions and claim denials.

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Meet Healthcare Consumers Where They Are


Are you giving consumers what they really want?

Consumer expectations are at an all-time high. Industries like hospitality and retail have delivered a personal, convenient experience that health systems must emulate in order to compete in the modern market. Winning over today’s informed consumer requires commitment to tangible improvements from start to finish, including:

  • Increased transparency around cost, availability, provider experience, and clinical outcomes
  • A wider variety of streamlined, on-demand scheduling options
  • Ongoing personalized communication from providers

It’s a challenge to successfully implement these changes and consistently deliver the outstanding experience consumers have come to expect. With the right tools and partner, you can achieve all this and more — meeting them where they are and helping them choose your health system with confidence.

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Organizing for CRM Success – Transforming Your Team to Go Beyond CRM


Are you ready to leverage the full power of your CRM investment?

From analyzing data to executing campaigns, CRM is one of the most efficient marketing tools available. Paired with the right strategies, it can help your organization deeply understand and anticipate consumer health needs and uncover new opportunities to drive revenue and growth – before your competitors do. But all of this power requires preparation.

To achieve success, you must:

  • Organize and understand your data. Identify all the data available to you. Where does it come from, where is it stored, and how do you access it?
  • Gain alignment across your organization. Assemble a broad team. Get them all speaking the same data-driven, consumer-centric language.
  • Transform your marketing team. Build core competencies needed for success: a strategic orientation, analytical mindset, holistic thought process, and more.

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More is More

Xtend Healthcare














When you're looking at companies to help you manage your revenue cycle, here's something important to keep in mind: Some companies charge less than others on the outstanding receivables they collect. And there's a reason for that.

To understand why, you should look BEYOND the percentage you pay. That figure tells only half the story. Watch this one minute video for a quick snapshot on why it always pays to do the math