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Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria have been used for years to assess a company’s performance beyond the black-and-white lines of a profit-and-loss statement, challenging executives to measure the value their businesses create in the context of more fundamental ethical values.

For healthcare organizations, an ESG framework calls for sustainable energy and waste management systems, prods investment in community health, and demands that leaders embrace diversity and inclusion as essential duties. These and other initiatives recognize the...

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Culture can help achieve the goals of a strategic plan like financial stability and success, cost savings, excellent clinical outcomes, reputation management, and staff recruitment and retention.

Download this HealthLeaders Roundtable, where panelists explore the many ingredients that go into crafting an optimal workplace culture, including empowerment, staff and patient safety, resilience, diversity and inclusion, and lifelong learning.

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America is facing a crisis with rising healthcare costs, especially when it comes to the costs of prescription drugs. Drug costs are skyrocketing—especially generic drugs whose costs logically could be expected to remain flat or even decrease. Although many factors contribute to rising healthcare costs, attention is beginning to focus on the largely hidden role played by pharmacy benefit managers (PBM).

Over the last three and a half decades, PBMs have expanded their behind-the-scenes role as claims administrators to become power players in a trillion-...

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"It’s important to understand the difference between adding physician workforce to an area with a clinical deficiency and creating a service line. Integration of that workforce into an established service line must result in alignment and congruency—it has to be done with clear goals and outcome metrics."
Gregory Kasper, president, Jobst Vascular Institute, ProMedica, Toledo, Ohio


Succeeding as a nonprofit health system in the rapidly consolidating provider market is a challenge. Margins are tight and the financial leaders of these organizations are constantly tasked with finding reliable sources to drive revenue.

These executives need to balance short-term goals with expectations for long-term stability. There are several other factors that contribute to...