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Have You Read All 6 of Our 2019 Cover Stories?

Analysis  |  By HealthLeaders Media Staff  
   December 26, 2019

We strive to push past the daily news bombardment and unpack the major trends and solutions that affect the business of healthcare.

You're busy. We get it. It's easy to miss a big story amid your hectic schedule, so we thought you might appreciate a recap.

We strive to push past the daily news bombardment and unpack the major trends and solutions that affect the business of healthcare. That's where our magazine comes in handy. 

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These are the six cover stories that ran in the HealthLeaders print magazine this year:

1. 5 Tech Tools That Could Change The Way Your Hospital Delivers Care

Sometimes the shortest distance between a patient and an improved outcome is technology. As innovations make their way from novelty solutions to mainstream usage backed by clinical evidence, devices, apps, and gadgets are helping bridge the gap to better healthcare. [Keep reading...]

2. Want to Keep Nurses at the Bedside? Here's How.

How does an organization recruit and retain registered nurses with the right skills and work experience to deliver high-quality patient care? It's certainly not simple. There's more to building a strong nursing workforce than just filling open positions, and even in organizations with top-notch nurse recruitment programs, research has found there's no guarantee that nurses will stay put. [Keep reading...]

3. Find the Hidden Dollars in Your Hospital (Without Reducing Labor)

Leaders must be proactive and clever about eliminating waste in healthcare processes. Their focus should be how to fix the processes contributing to inefficiencies in their respective systems while simultaneously gaining money. [Keep reading...]

4. Staying Power: How CEOs Can Lead Through Uncertainty

How a CEO handles the tension between long-term strategies and nearer-term needs will determine whether that CEO succeeds in implementing solutions that stick. [Keep reading...]

5. Price Transparency Is Coming. How Will You Prepare?

Price transparency has become a major flashpoint in healthcare as the industry's payers and providers point blame at one another for the industry's runaway costs. But there's no reason to think this kerfuffle will fade. [Keep reading...]

6. Growth Opportunities: How Health Systems Position Themselves Under Pressure

Market conditions are putting intense pressure on the acute healthcare sector. The shift from the fee-for-service business model has driven down inpatient admissions as patient volumes move to lower-cost settings and payers clench tight fists on reimbursement rates. [Keep reading...]

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