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Infographic: Four Tech Conversations for CTOs

Analysis  |  By Marie DeFreitas  
   March 13, 2024

The 2024 HIMSS conference sparked several innovative discussions amongst leaders.

Tech solutions are taking off, and the 2024 HIMSS conference brought about many important conversations surrounding some of the industries biggest pain points. From ethical AI use to efficiently streamlining data, check out the main talking points. 

AI is Taking Off. No longer grounded to the conception stage, AI is moving up to actual implementation and industry benefits. HIMSS24 brought about numerous AI announcements as vendors unveiled use cases and ROI examples. 

As new AI centered partnerships spring up, providers are collaborating with EHR designers and digital health companies to streamline data for doctors and nurses to improve care and ultimately, their work-life balance. One popular case that tech leaders are zooming in on is that of ambient AI which has the ability to capture conversations and turn them into clinical notes, which could, in time, take the tedious process of note taking out clinicians hands. 

AI Value and Governance. Already a familiar conversation, the governance of AI has turned everyone's head. Financial value vs clinical outcomes was a big conversation as the Coalition for Health AI (CHAI) released its newest collaborations aimed at creating guidelines for the ethical use of AI. 

Conversations about the ethical use of AI have popped up everywhere with looming questions around value, AI use by payers in claims management, and government guidance. 

Cyberattacks. Cybersecurity is obviously still a massive concern. As health systems continue to flounder in the recent cyber attack on Change Healthcare, which even limited attendance this year at HIMSS, industry leaders are focused on how their organizations can limit damage when the next inevitable cyber attack hits. 

The Foundation of Data. HIMSS24 kept its longtime focus on interoperability. The innovation conversation is shifting from “how can these new gadgets help?” to “how can we gather, store and manage data better?” Connectivity seems to be the overarching solution, as health leaders examine solutions that create digital data highways from patient to care team. 

Providers are looking at strategies and tech can help them take in, sort and efficiently use the data they want and need. To handle these massive amounts of data, providers will be looking at solutions that are fast and limit their manual labor, regardless of EHR platform and HIT framework. 


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Marie DeFreitas is the finance editor for HealthLeaders.

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