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Podcast: Newly Retired CEO Peter Fine Reflects on Tenure, Chief Role in Healthcare

Analysis  |  By Jay Asser  
   July 02, 2024

The longtime leader of Banner Health joins the HealthLeaders Podcast as he heads into retirement.

Few CEOs in healthcare are afforded the perspective Peter Fine has gained after decades of experience in the industry, including 24 at the helm of Banner Health.

As he enters retirement to give way to the nonprofit health system’s new chief Amy Perry, Fine can look back at a long and successful career that saw him witness firsthand how both healthcare and the CEO role changed over time.

Fine offered his insight on the HealthLeaders Podcast this week, detailing how the leaders of hospitals and health systems have had to evolve to meet the moment, especially after the pandemic.

"The focus before was all we have to do is provide a good clinical product and that satisfies everybody. Well, that's not the case," Fine said. "So that causes you to have to change certain things in your style and your approach and the things that you say and do in front of others become way different.

“Creating that recognition for everybody that you also have to look for opportunities to take away pain points that get in the way of the consumer interacting with us. It's a different approach because how you speak and what you say become way different."

Tune in to the episode to hear more from Fine on disruption in the industry, tackling workforce challenges, and what advice he would give to incoming CEOs.

Jay Asser is the contributing editor for strategy at HealthLeaders. 


Retired Banner Health CEO Peter Fine shares how healthcare and the topmost role at a health system has changed over his 24-year tenure.

Leaders must find ways to be more visible and recognize that the priority is meeting the demands of the consumer.

Looking forward, Fine says anything that disrupts the healthcare should be firmly on the radar of CEOs wanting to be proactive.

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