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'Healthy Work Environments are Cornerstone': Involving Nurses in Building the Framework

Analysis  |  By G Hatfield  
   February 23, 2024

CNOs must be role models in a healthy work environment, says this nursing leader. 

There is an overwhelming sense of nurse dissatisfaction in the industry, due to exhaustion from heavy workloads, staffing shortages, workplace violence incidents, and other external disruptors. 

A healthy work environment is necessary for nurses to thrive, and for patients to get the highest quality care and experience when visiting a health system.

As part of our coverage on healthy work environments, we sat down with Vicki Good, Chief Clinical Officer at the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN), to learn more about the AACN's six standards for a healthy work environment, and the new Health Work Environment National Collaborative program. 

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G Hatfield is the nursing editor for HealthLeaders.


The AACN outlined six essential standards of healthy work environments that provide evidence-based guidelines for nurses to be successful.

Both the percieved and actual quality of care go up in a healthy work environment. 

CNOs need to role model communication and collaboration for nurses, and involve nurses in building a healthy work environment. 

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