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Infographic: Top 5 Workforce Issues in Nursing

Analysis  |  By G Hatfield  
   April 17, 2024

The nurse leaders at AONL looked to the future to solve the current workforce issues.

The 2024 AONL Conference wrapped up last week in New Orleans after three days of brainstorming, collaboration, and leadership discussion. There were many common themes throughout the sessions and the keynotes, but as expected, workforce development was front and center. Turnover rates are high among frontline nurses and in leadership positions, and even though predictions are positive, the current nursing shortage is going strong.  

The nurse leaders in attendance offered many creative and innovative solutions for the different prongs of the workforce crisis. Here are the top five subjects they focused on. 

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G Hatfield is the nursing editor for HealthLeaders.


The future of nursing heavily involves virtual nursing, and nurse leaders need to strategize how to incorporate it into their health systems. 

Mentorship and career development are critical for building and maintaining the workforce. 

Addressing workplace violence and burnout are key to retaining nurses and creating a healthy work environment. 

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