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Patients Prefer Digital-First Organizations, Survey Says

Analysis  |  By Amanda Norris  
   August 03, 2022

60% of patients surveyed were more likely to select one organization over another if able to make appointments online.

The patient experience plays an important role in the revenue cycle, and a new survey published by ModMed shows that patients will seek out organizations that prioritize timeliness, friendliness of the staff, and the use of modern technology that contribute to the overall patient experience.

The survey, which asked 2,000 patients about their experience with a doctor’s office, found that 61% place importance on how easy it is to make payments when considering whether to continue seeing a doctor, the survey said.

From scheduling their own appointments to accessing medical records to making payments from their phone, patients want greater control over how they interact with an organization, they survey said.

The survey also pointed out that the use of technology at an organization also has an impact on the perception of quality of care. 47% of respondents strongly agree that staff seem more engaged with the patients when utilizing technology.

In the exam room, 46% prefer their doctor use a tablet to review patient history. With the introduction of new technology, 54% strongly agree that their doctor seems more attentive.

When it comes time to pay the bill, more than half of patients surveyed are more likely to pay a bill faster than usual if they receive a text message reminder and are more likely to pay faster if given an online option, the survey said.

Amanda Norris is the Revenue Cycle Editor for HealthLeaders.

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