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4 Must-Read Articles to Solve Your Workforce Shortages

Analysis  |  By Christopher Cheney  
   September 11, 2023

Find out how top healthcare executives have developed solutions for their workforce shortages.

Workforce shortages are impacting healthcare organizations nationwide, and HealthLeaders has been talking with healthcare leaders to see how they are rising to the challenge.

Health systems, hospitals, and physician practices are experiencing a range of workforce shortages, including nurses, physicians, and medical assistants. The four stories below feature 10 different ways that healthcare organizations have addressed their workforce shortages.

Top Clinical Leaders Share Solutions for Workforce Shortages

Read about workforce shortage solutions from chief medical officers and chief nursing officers who participated in a HealthLeaders virtual roundtable. They discuss the role strong leadership plays in retaining healthcare workers, adjusting care models, and telehealth solutions.

Stop Workforce Shortages: 3 Ways

See how a pipeline can propel students to healthcare careers, find out how artificial intelligence can more accurately schedule nurses, and read about succession planning as a tool to increase retention and lower costs.

5 Ways WellSpan is Tackling Workforce Shortages in a Competitive Market

Read about WellSpan Health's multi-pronged efforts to address workforce shortages, including becoming a preferred employer, enacting more efficient processes, and streamlining recruitment.

Want to Solve Your Workforce Shortages? Grow Your Own Staff

See how Owensboro Health has played a key role in launching an innovation center to train healthcare professionals.

Christopher Cheney is the senior clinical care​ editor at HealthLeaders.


One way to address workforce shortages in the inpatient setting is to change care models to ease pressure on nursing and physician staffing.

Hospitals in urban areas can ease acute workforce shortages at rural hospitals through telehealth.

One strategy WellSpan Health has utilized to address workforce shortages is to establish a reputation as a preferred employer by upholding a culture where people want to work.

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