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'We Continue to Bring Back the Same Thing': How CNOs Can Modernize Nursing Practice

Analysis  |  By G Hatfield  
   May 17, 2024

Here's why your workforce growth strategies aren't working, according to this nurse leader.

The greatest challenge facing nursing leaders today is workforce development. Health systems are in dire need of solutions that improve both recruitment and retention.

These challenges come at a time when workplace violence is as prevalent as ever, and burnout plays a huge role in nurse leader turnover. Virtual nursing and other new technologies like AI have also had an impact on the workforce and need to be considered when strategizing.

HealthLeaders spoke with Dr. Jennifer Mensik Kennedy, president of the American Nurses Association, to find out what workforce growth strategies need to be put to rest and explore four ways CNOs can move forward and build a strong, healthy, and happy workforce. Tune in to hear her insights.

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G Hatfield is the nursing editor for HealthLeaders.


CNOs need to actually modernize care delivery models rather than bringing back old models and trying them again. 

Mentorship between new graduate nurses and tenured nurses is critical for nurse retention. 

CNOs should report out in C-Suite meetings to create opportunities for more collaboration on nursing issues. 

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