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Healthcare Sector Produces Top Earners

By John Commins  
   April 18, 2017

LinkedIn Salary has released its annual survey of the best paying jobs in the three fastest growing sectors: finance, IT, and healthcare, and the pay is pretty good.

The healthcare sector is one of the fastest growing areas of the economy, and physicians and executives are among the most highly compensated workers in those realms, according to a survey from LinkedIn Salary.

"As evident from our earlier list of jobs with the highest base salary across all industries, a career in healthcare can be one of the most professionally and financially rewarding out there," LinkedIn Salary said in a media release.

Orthos Top Physician Compensation List in 2017

"While surgeons and other practitioners rule the roost when it comes to pay, advances in healthcare technology, an aging population and the Affordable Care Act have created a growing need for more healthcare professionals across all sectors of the industry, many of which don't require years of expensive medical training. Roles in business development, marketing and product management all offer alternate routes to a high-earning salary."

According to LinkedIn Salary, the highest paying healthcare jobs and their median income are:

  1. Orthopedic Surgeon - $475,000
  2. Surgeon - $400,000
  3. Cardiologist - $400,000
  4. Radiologist - $373,000
  5. Anesthesiologist - $368,000
  6. Medical Director - $260,000
  7. Pathologist - $258,000
  8. Vice President of Quality - $245,000
  9. Physician - $235,000
  10. Hospitalist - $233,000
  11. Global Marketing Director - $233,000
  12. Vice President Finance - $225,000
  13. Vice President Human Resources - $225,000
  14. Senior Director of Development - $225,000
  15. Psychiatrist - $220,000

The lists were compiled using new LinkedIn Salary data that includes hundreds of roles collected from verified LinkedIn members as of March 27, 2017.

John Commins is a senior editor at HealthLeaders.

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